Gary is a name you’ll find through England and the rest of the English speaking World. Discover the wonders of the name Gary.

Origin and Meaning of the Boy’s Name

The name Gary is a male name which may be of Germanic origin, possibly a variation of the word “gar” meaning spear; this meaning is also prevalent in Ireland. It may also be a derivation of the Celtic name Gareth, the Gaelic name Garaidh or the English Garrison; in fact Gary is often used as a nickname for these. Other pet names for Gary can be rather cute such as Gaz or Gazza. The meaning of Gary can also be traced to the Welsh for “gentle.”

Popularity of Gary

It was at its most popular in the 1960’s and the name Gary does did not make the list of the most fashionable baby boys’ names in Britain as of 2012, therefore it could be perfect for parents wishing to choose a less common name.

Famous People

Some famous people with the name Gary are: Garry Monk and Gary Lineaker both are British footballers, Gary Barlow the English singer and songwriter, the former cricketer Gary Sobers (Gary is a nickname for his first name, Garfield) and Gary Oldman the famous actor who hails from London

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