Origin, meaning, and use of the name Gavin

The Gavin name is said to be of several different origins. The most popular version is that it comes from the Welsh word Gwalchgwn which means “white hawk” or “white falcon”. Though the spelling has changed over time, the meaning of Gavin is still said to be those two phrases.

There are also a few non-English versions or the name including a possible Latin origin of Gavinus, which was frequently used for centuries before the Romans arrived in England. It is speculated that the Celtics may have taken the name from them.

Popularity of Gavin

The popularity of Gavin is not currently very high in England. Since the late 1980s, it has fallen out of favor. In 1984, it was ranked 55 in the top 100 names in England. In recent years, it has not been in the top 100 and is considered rare.

People with the Name

Gavin is the name of several famous people including Gavin Henson, Gavin Rossdale, Gavin Lynch, and Gavin Hastings. It is also a first name of a fictional character in the popular British romance-comedy “Gavin and Stacey” television show.

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