The origin of the name George is the Greek name Georgios, and the components of this more ancient title help answer the question ‘What does the name George mean?‘ Georgios, and therefore George, derives from the word georgos, which means farmer. Digging a little deeper into the etymology, georgos itself is made up of the Greek word ge, meaning earth, and ergon meaning worker.

One of the people most responsible for the spread of the name George is St. George, a Roman soldier said to have battled a dragon and emerged victoriously. During the eleventh century, crusaders encountered this legend and brought it, along with the name George, back to Western Europe. The popularity of the name blossomed with the accession of King George I to the British Throne in 1714 (see Royal names). Since then, the name has been a popular choice in most English speaking countries.


Currently, in terms of popularity, the name sits at number twelve in England (for baby boy’s names), sixty three in Australia, and one hundred and sixty six in the US.

Famous People

Some famous past and present Georges are:

  • George Washington- First president of the United States
  • George Harrison- Drummer for the Beatles
  • George Clooney- Oscar award winning actor
  • George Orwell- Author of such works as 1984 and Animal Farm
  • George Alexander Louis – The baby of William and Kate and 2nd in line to the throne.

Variations of the name

Female variations of the name George include, Georgette, Georgia, Georgina, Georgiana.


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