Meaning and Origin of Harley

The name Harley is English in origin and is a popular first name for men and last name as well. The meaning of Harley varies from ‘Hare Meadow’ to ‘Long field’, or possibly ‘Rocky or Eagle Meadow’. While primarily thought of as a boys name, Harley is also the first name of many women.

Harley’s Popularity

Harley was the 35th most popular male baby name in England in 2012 (latest data from the ONS).

How to Pronounce Harley

The name Harley is pronounced har-lee.

Variations of the Name

The name Harley has many different variations such as, Arley, Arlea, Arleigh, Harlea, or Harly.

Famous People with the Name Harley

Many famous people have taken on the title of Harley whether in real life or in fiction. Examples include, the country singer, Harley Allen, the radio personality, Harley Brinsfield, Harley True Burton who was a Texas historian, college president, and mayor, Harley H. Christy, who was a vice admiral of the US Navy, Harley Dillinger, who was a Major League Baseball pitcher, and Harley Davidson, a popular American Motorcycle manufacturer founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. Some fictional characters have taken on the name Harley as well, the most famous of which is Harley Quinn, a popular character from Batman the Animated Series.

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