Meaning and Origin of the Name Harrison

Harrison is a surname that has become quite popular as a first name. So much in fact that in 2012 it was ranked the 24th most popular baby boy name in England. The meaning of Harrison is actually quite simple, son of Harry. Off course, due to Harrison’s popularity as a name we can guess that most little boys do not have a father named Harry. Their parents simply enjoy the name Harrison and the sense of power that it seems to emulate.

Famous People with the Name

Of course, one of the most famous people with the name Harrison is Harrison Ford known for playing Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and more. Another famous Harrison is Harrison Birtwistle a composer from Britain.

Variations of the Name

In some cases Harrison can also be spelt Harrysson or Harryson although when used as a given name most of the time it is spelt Harrison. Harison boys name seems to represent power and strength much like Ford and is one reason why the name has likely grown in popularity over the last few years.

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