Harry is one of the most fashionable boy’s names in England.

Meaning of Harry

Harry is an English name that was originally a pet form of the name Hendry. However, Harry is a name in its own rights these days. The Welsh spelling of this name is Harri.


Harry is one of the most popular boys name in England. According to the ONS Harry was the most popular baby boy’s name in 2012.

Famous People

Here a list a few famous people with the 1st name Harry:

  • Prince Harry of Wales – Or his birth name is Henry Charles Albert David.
  • Harry Styles –a pop singer from the boy band “One Direction”.
  • Harry Potter – The fictional character from books and films by the same name.
  • Harry Belafonte – An American singer, song writer and actor.
  • Harry Truman – was the 33rd President of the United States and served during the 2nd World War.

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