Popularity of Harvey

The name “Harvey” is the 48th most popular baby boy’s name in England (in 2012) and a fairly common name in the rest of the world as well ranking in at the 797th most popular boy’s name in America which seems low until you look at the massive diversity in the country.

Meaning and Origin of the Name

The name derived from the Breton name “Huiamuiu” and is thought to have come to England with the Breton mercenaries of William the Conqueror. The meaning of “Harvey” differs from culture to culture. In America the name stands for “Warrior” while in England it means “Bitter, eager to battle”, and in German it means “Soldier”. Its history obviously finds its strongest roots in battle and wars.

Famous People Called Harvey

There are many famous men named “Harvey” that give justice to the name. Men such as Harvey Williams Cushing, Harvey Nichols, and Harvey Einbinder are all great people named Harvey. It is an excellent name to give to a child to inspire greatness in them and a thirst for competition and improvement in their lives. The name is sure to be a great name for any male child you love with hopes that they can live up to a name like it.

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