Meaning & Origin

The name Henry is one originates from Germany. The meaning of the name Henry is ‘home ruler’ as the name comes from two different German words, which are haim, meaning “home”, and ric, meaning “power ruler.”

Henry was introduced into England by the Normans and its has remained a popular name over the centuries. The name was the 27th most popular baby boy’s name in England in 2011 (Office of National Statistics).

Famous People Called Henry

Various forms of the name exist, and the name has usually implied royalty and high social status (see our popular Royal names).

However, the name Henry has been the name of people whom are not necessarily of royal status as well. Henry Ford, the maker of the automobile, and Henry Winkler, who was an actor on the hit television show Happy Days who played the role of the Fonz. Henry Winkler is most famous for that certain acting role, but he was also a producer and a writer as well. These are two extremely good examples of people who were not of royalty that had the name Henry. It is a great name for any baby, no matter if the baby is of royal status or not.

Variations of the Name

Harry, Harri, Hank, Hal.

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