Origins Of The Name Hugh

The name Hugh has been widely considered to be a welsh name that originally originated back in the 15th century during the Middle Ages. During this time period people of that time used what was known as a patronymic naming system unlike the surname system that we use today. The patronymic system basically meant that no one used a traditional surname as we do today but rather, a word that meant son of or daughter of. For example, during this time period, someone by the name Hugh would be known as Hugh ap John which meant Hugh son of John.

In Wales the name would be spelt ‘Huw’ and Hugh is actually the Anglicised version of this name.

Hugh’ Popularity and meaning of Hugh

The name means heart, mind and spirit. It became a popular name in England after it was brought there by the Normans. It’s popularity was due to the fact that many people thought that the name itself sounded like it described someone who seemed smart, strong and sophisticated.

Historical Figures Who Went By The Name Of Hugh

Some of the most important historical figures of the United Kingdom’s history, that went by the name of Hugh were:

  • Hugh – First dean of York – 1093
  • Hugh dAvranches second Norman Earl of Chester – 1071
  • Sir Hugh le Despenser – High Sheriff Of Berkshire – 1222
  • Hugh le Despenser – Chief Adviser for King Edward II of England – 1295

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