The English male name Jake is one of the most popular names for boys around the world. In 2012, Jake was the 33rd most popular baby bay’s name in England which was down 4 positions from 2011 (data from ONS). Just the saying the name Jake, sound masculine and strong. There are a lot of well known, actors, athletes and singers with the name Jake. Many people have a tendency to name the children after their childhood heroes or their favorite athletes. Jake is just one of those names that everyone loves.

When hearing the name Jake, most people think of, professional wrestler Jake” the snake” Roberts. People would name the children Jake hoping that they would have the same characteristics as Jake Roberts. The character Jake”the snake” Roberts was strong, tough, and very intelligent. All qualities, every parent hopes their child has.

The name Jake is a Hebrew. Jake means the same thing in English, as it does in Hebrew, he grasps the heel. People with the name Jake tend to be loving, caring people. They tend to be very giving and emotional people. Jake would be a good name for an artist.

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