James is a popular boy’s name in England.  We’ll understand the meaning and origins of the name James and perhaps understand its popularity and prominent people with the name James.

Meaning of James

James is a Biblical name and the name originates from the Latin name Iacomus which has the same origins as Jacob. James is a name that is common with the Royal Family.


James is the 7th most popular baby boy’s name in England. James is a less common baby name in Wales being placed in 15th position according to the Office of National Statistics.

Famous People

Here’s our list of famous people or celebrities with the first name James:

  • James Blunt – An English singer and ex-soldier.
  • James Gandolfini – was an American actor who was famous for his role in the Sopranos.
  • James Bond – is a famous fictional secrete agent (spy) who was created Ian Fleming.
  • James Arthur – was the winner of the X-Factor in 2012

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