The Name Jasper, Meaning and History

The Jasper name has been a fairly uncommon name for males for some time but has it’s roots in ancient traditions. The origins of the name Jasper derive from the Persian name Kaspar which is itself a derivative of the ancient Chaldean word Gizbar. Gizbar means treasure or treasure bringer; gizbar is also the modern Hebrew word for treasure as well. Thus the meaning of Jasper as a name is traditionally given a similar treatment and is considered to mean, treasure or treasure bringer as well.

The Jasper name belongs to one of the the Three Kings in the New Testament, the three magi whom brought their three gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to a baby Jesus. The popularity of the name Jasper has been given a modern taken in the numerous celebrities that have the name.


Jasper was not in the top 100 most popular baby boys’ names in England in 2013.

People Called Jasper

The popularity of Jasper has extended to such distinguished individuals as Jasper Johns, a famous American artist, Jasper Daniel, the founder of Jack Daniels Whiskey distilleries and Sir Jasper More, a British politician.

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