Popularity of Jenson

The name Jenson, once rarely used, has become one of the more popular first names given to English boys, and was the 65th most chosen name for male infants in the 2014 government statistics.

Origins and Meaning of Jenson

The Jenson name comes originally from Scandinavia, where it is spelled “Jensen”. It is the most common surname in Denmark and 9th most common in Norway. The meaning of Jenson is “son of Jens” and comes originally from the name “Johannes” which in English translates as “John” and which means “God is gracious”.

Famous People

Jenson Button the famous English F1 driver
Jenson Button the famous English F1 driver

The popularity of Jenson as a first name has surged in recent years in England in concert with the fame of the Formula One driver Jenson Button. He was named after his father’s good friend Erling Jensen, changing the “e” to an “o” to Anglicise the name.

There is also a well-known German rock band whose name is Jenson McKenzie, which has contributed to the ever-increasing use of the name Jenson.

Variations of the Name

Jenson appeals aesthetically as well, beginning with the very fashionable J that is the first letter of so many other very popular names such as Joshua, Jacob, and Jayden. Its two syllable pronunciation is also quite musical.

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