Meaning and Origin of Jeremy

The name Jeremy is derived from Jeremiah which is of Hebrew decent. The meaning of Jeremy is “God will uplift” and “the Lord loosens”.

Popularity of the Name

Unfortunately the name Jeremy seems to be less popular than it has been in the past. Recently the name Jeremy has not been on the list of the top 100 boy names in England. As with any name, the meaning of Jeremy is different to everyone. Some people use family names that are passed on from generation to generation, while others want to use names that are unique and less common.

Famous People Called Jeremy

There are many famous and influential people in the world that are named Jeremy. Jeremy Wade is from the television show River Monsters, is one person that is well known throughout the world.

Another Jeremy that is well known is Jeremy Mcgrath. Jeremy Mcgrath is nicknamed the king of motocross/supercross because of the influence he has had on that sport.

Jeremy Kyle is an English presenter who host a day time television talk show.

Jeremy is a strong name that is great for children, adults, and professionals alike.

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