Meaning Of Jermaine

The name Jermaine is an excellent choice for many parents looking for the right appellation for their child. There are actually many famous celebrities with the name Jermaine as well. Jermaine Jackson is a prominent recording artist, who gained fame as a member of the Jackson 5. Jermaine Dupri is another recording artist, who has been active in the Hip Hop genre for years now. Jermaine Defoe is a popular footballer, who was born in England and now plays for a Toronto based club.

Though the name has not yet been widely adopted within the UK, it has gained popularity elsewhere. It was recently ranked as the 400th most popular name in the United States, indicating that it enjoys widespread usage there. It has also seen usage elsewhere in the English speaking world, helping it to become a more recognizable name.

The meaning of Jermaine is technically a variant of Germaine, which has also been used extensively within the English language. This name has been around for a longer amount of time. This has helped it to see more utility within the English language as well. Fans of the name may want to learn more about how it has been used in a few different types of contexts.

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