Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name Jerry

A Famous Jerry, Jerry Lewis
A Famous Jerry, Jerry Lewis

The name Jerry originally stems from the Hebrew name, Jerry, as well as the alternate name, Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was known as a 7th Century Prophet,as well as the author of the book, Lamentations in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible.

The meaning of Jerry means honest, brilliant and extremely inventive. This name is also very honest, creative and a determined leader.

Variations of the Name Jerry

There are also many different variants of the name Jerry, including Jem, Jeri, Jerite, Jemmy, Jezza, Jez, Gerryand Jere.


Unfortunately, Jerry’s popularity was not a very popular name in England in 2014, as the name wasn’t listed in the top 100 popular baby boys names. However, the name Jerry is currently ranked 451st in popular baby names in the US in 2014.

Surprisingly, there are several famous and well-known celebrities that share the name, Jerry. Some of these people include:

  • Jerry Lynn – was an American professional wrestler
  • Jerry Collins – was a famous New Zealand rugby player
  • Jerry Seinfeld, a famous Actor and Comedian
  • Jerry Garcia-, was a rock singer
  • Jerry Lawler, a professional Wrestler
  • Jerry Spinelli, an author of Children’s novels
  • Jerry Jones, who is an entrepreneur
  • Jerry Lewis, who was an actor and singer
  • Jerry Cantrell, who is a rock guitarist
  • Jerry the famous mouse from the cartoons Tom and Jerry

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