The Meaning Behind the Name Jethro

The name Jethro is definitely a unique one. It means prince or priest of Midian, his excellence or gain. Jethro was the father in-law off Moses.

According to the Bible, Moses spent forty years as keeper of Jethro’s flocks. Jethro came to meet Moses with the Israeli’s were encamped in Sinai. Jethro was sympathetic to the amount of duties put upon Moses that he offered him sound advice. He recommended he appoint judges and rulers of judges to help with smaller matters. Jethro was also called Hobab however, Jethro was his official name.

The story of Jethro paints him as a man of strength and attractiveness. He is also kind and considerate with a deeply religious spirit. Jethro is also known to have wise judgement. A famous bearer of the name Jethro is Jethro Tull. Tull was an English inventor and agriculturist. There was also a rock band in the 1960’s who named themselves Jethro Tull. Jethro Bodine was also a character on the hit television show Beverly Hillbillies. The name Jethro is Hebrew and is derived from the word meaning abundance.

Famous people called Jethro

There’s only famous Jethro of note, the English comedian Jethro who’s known for his strong Devon ascent.

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