Meaning and Origin of the Name Jimmy

Jimmy is a very common nickname and the diminutive form of James. The actual name Jimmy is of Hebrew derivation and you can generally find people originating from parts of Europe and the United States with this particular name.

The meaning of Jimmy is “supplanter” or “he who supplants”.

Popularity of the Name

Over the years, the name Jimmy has always enjoyed popularity, and it is estimated there is about 2,859,100 people with this name which represents 0.04% of the world’s population.

Though not in the top 100, it is in the top 500, and is ranked 285th in England, 303rd in France, and 356th in the Netherlands. The popularity of Jimmy seems to have reached its highest peak in 1940’s, as it was ranked as high as 46th in the USA but is now 523rd in America.

Famous People Called Jimmy

Of course, with a name this common, there are many famous Jimmy’s around. Some of the most popular ones include:

-Jimmy Donal “Jimbo” Wales, co-founder of the internet encyclopaedia “Wikipedia”.
-James Anthony Patrick
“Jimmy” Carr is a successful English comedian and actor.

In the field of sports, Jimmy Graham is presently an NFL tight end for the Seattle Seahawks and Jimmy Connors is a former tennis player who has won eight Grand Slam Tournament titles in past years.

In politics, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, was America’s 39th president.

It is believed, individuals name Jimmy, can be very generous when it comes to sharing their own experiences, knowledge, and skills with others. With their strong inner need to serve humanity, they also desire peace and harmony in their daily lives.

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