Almost everyone knows someone named Joe, but interestingly enough Joe did not make the list of 100 most popular baby boy names in England as recorded by the Office of National Statistics. This is because many people actually only use the name Joe as a nickname and actually have a different forename.


Joe is a very popular nickname for people named Joseph, Josiah, and Josephina. It is interesting to note that Joseph was the 22nd most popular boy’s name (ONS 2012) in England which is likely why Joe seems like such a mainstream name, because a lot of these people probably go by the Name Joe.

Meaning and Origin

The actual English meaning of Joe is ‘God will increase.’ However, since Joseph is the most popular form of the name, many people will say that the meaning of Joe is the same as Joseph, meaning God will make you fertile.

Famous People

There are plenty of famous people that were given the name Joe such as Joe Pesci, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Cocker, Joe Calzaghe, and Joe Biden the US vice president.

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