The Meaning and Popularity of the Name Joey

The Joey name is a widely used name for baby boys, as well as a unique name for some baby girls. The meaning of Joey is Jehovah increases. The name Joey has grown in popularity over the past several years, ranking at the 99th most popular baby names for boys in England during the year of 2013. It is estimated that the popularity of Joey will continue to grow throughout the following years. Additionally, there are many variations to the name Joey including Joe and Joseph.

Famous People with the Name Joey

Even more so, there are many famous people who have the name Joey. Some famous people with the name Joey include Joey Fatone, a member of the well know band N’Sync, as well as Joey Giardello and Joey Maxim both successful boxers. More over, there are popular vocalists and songwriters with the name Joey such as Joey Ramone, and English Footballers like Joey Barton. Furthermore, the name Joey falls into the category of gangster names, due to the fact that many gangsters throughout history had the name Joey.

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