John is a biblical name that has been popular of the centuries in England. The name can appear both a first and also as a family name (such as Elton John the musician). The name is also commonly spelt as Jon.

Meaning and Origins of the Name

The name John’s original origin is Hebrew and the meaning of the name is “God is gracious”.


The John name is popular because of two of the New Testament, who are; John the Baptist and apostle John. This name became extremely popular in the Middle Ages and it was actually given a fifth to English boys. However in 2012, the name does not making it into the top 100 baby boys names.

The name John is popular in English speaking countries and has been ranked as high as number 28 in the United States. The name is also popular Ireland.

People Called John

This name was also born by a poet who goes by John Milton, a philosopher who goes by John Locke, John Bishop (comedian), John Barrowman (actor), John Lewis Partnership (employee who owned the UK partnership) and a president who is John Adams.