Meaning and Origin of the name Johnny

The name Johnny, a variation of John or a shortened version of Jonathan, is primarily a masculine name and means “Jehovah has been gracious or has shown favour. Johnny comes from English, French, and Hebrew origin. The meaning of Johnny is the same from all different origins. The Johnny name, or any variation of it, has remained a relatively common name that can usually be found easily among any group of people.


The name reached peak popularity in the mid-1940s, escalating all the way to number forty five on the list of most popular names. The popularity of Johnny slowly lessened, hitting number 150 in the year 1993 and 250 in the year 2004, most recently reaching number 283 in 2011. However in 2013, Johnny was not in the top 100 baby boy’s names (Office of National Statistics).

Famous People with the Name Johnny

Several very well know people have had the name Johnny or a variation of the name, most notably: Johnny Cash, Johnny Appleseed, Jimi Hendrix (whose name was actually Johnny) and Johnny Rotten. Johnny was also the name of the apostle of Christ who lives the longest and who was particularly loved by Him.

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