The Boy’s Name Joseph

Joseph is a Hebrew name that has biblical ties. As the father of Jesus, Joseph played an important part in Christianity and its historical roots. In Biblical times, Joseph was the twelfth son of Jacob. The meaning of Joseph is to increase or have addition granted, yet its Hebraic roots show that it was usually the opposite for those named this title. Modern mothers and fathers often use this name for their baby boys. Like most names, it tends to cycle and wax and wean in popularity. The popularity of Joseph has also changed, as many iconic people have been dubbed with this label. Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Haydn and Joe Biden are just a few influential people with this name.

Popularity of Joseph

When considering the Joseph name for a baby, the ease of spelling and strong ties to history must be considered. As far as popularity goes, it was in the list of the 19 most popular baby names in the England in 2013. In the US, it didn’t make the top 40 chart, but it did make the list for the overall population. It was the 20th most popular name for the male population in America. Though it may not be as popular in the US as in other areas, countries with Hispanic and Hebraic ties often use the name more prevalent.

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