Meaning and Origin of Josh

The popularity of the name Josh has grew tremendously over the past couple of years. The name Josh can be seen or heard pretty much anywhere. Most people who name their child don’t really know the true meaning of Josh. Josh is Hebrew and means a saviour or a deliverer. The popularity spread across several countries, especially between the years of two thousand and three and two thousand and seven when the name became one of the top five names giving to newborn males.


Most people with the name Josh have a strong desire to use their leadership qualities and focus on more important issues. The name Josh has been ranked number 11 in England in popularity (2012) and number 9 in Australia.

Celebrities Called Josh

Their also a lot of celebrities that are named Josh. For example; NBA star Josh Smith, NFL quarterback Josh Freeman, Josh Gordon, and Josh Holloway. When naming your baby be sure to be aware of the history of the name you are about to give your child. Make sure that you feel as if that particular name is best for your child and that you are one hundred percent confident in your choice of names.

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