Meaning of Keith

The name Keith is of Scottish origin but popular in English speaking countries. It’s considered by many to be a name of masculinity. In Scotland, Keith is used to refer to a woodsy or forest like place.

The name Keith has been given to babies from as far back as the 19th century. Keith name has been called manly, strong, and well respected. People call the name powerful because the sound of it just carries a sense of masculinity.

Popularity of Keith

In 2013, Keith was ranked the in the top 100 boys names in England however it was 394th most popular baby name in the United States.

Famous People with 1st Name Keith

Here are some of the most well known celebrities with the 1st name Keith,

  • Keith Richards- Famous British guitar player, well known for being part of the British rock band The Rolling Stones.
  • Keith Lemon- Fictional character portrayed by English comedian Leigh Francis. Made appearances in shows like “Lemon La Vida Loca” and “Through The Keyhole”.
  • Keith Floyd- British celebrity cook and television personality, known for hosting cooking shows on the popular TV network BBC.

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