The Meaning of the Boy’s Name Kenneth

The meaning of Kenneth depends on the country and the language in which the name is spoken. In Gaelic, the names Coinneach or Caoineach mean handsome or blonde. Cinaed, also Gaelic, means “born of fire”. Lastly, the Old English name Kenward means “from the king’s estate” or “royal oath”.

Variations in the Name

The Kenneth name is used mainly in England, Sweden and Denmark but also in the countries of Norway, the United States, Greenland, Finland and Ireland. Many countries use the Kenneth spelling but there are some alternate spellings of the name. English and Swedish countries sometimes use the “Kenith” spelling, while “Kenyon” is an Irish variation and “Kent” is the Celtic and German spelling.

Famous People with the Name

Historically, Kenneth is an old name, dating back to the 9th century. By legend, the first king of Scotland was King Cináed, also known as Kenneth I. Other famous people with the name Kenneth include Kenneth Williams, an actor and comedian; Kenneth Branagh, an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter; Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Garside, a World War II British Intelligence Corps officer; and Kenneth Grahame, a Scottish author.

Popularity of Kenneth

The popularity of Kenneth was high in the UK from 1904 to 1964, and the highest rank was 7th in the year of 1924. However, since 1974 the name Kenneth has not ranked in the top 100 popular boys names.

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