Meaning and Origin of the Name Kingsley

The name Kingsley has an English origin and a few meanings. The meaning of Kingsley in the UK comes from the Hampshire and Staffordshire areas and means old wood. The meaning of Kingsley in the US is from the kings field.


Kingsley was not in the 100 most popular male names in 2012 in England (data from UK Government ONS).

Some Famous People Called Kingsley

A man with multiple areas of expertise is Sir Kingsley William Amis. This man has been an English novelist, poet, critic and a teacher. He has written various types of material including: multiple novels, volumes of poetry, his memoir and many more pieces of his work. In 2008 The Times wrote an article about the greatest British writers since 1945. The list had included Kingsley in the ninth place out of fifty.

Kingsley Jones is involved in the Welsh Rugby sport. He is a union coach and also a former player. Jones has had a few different titles of being a coach. He has also been captain for a team that he played for in Wales. He has won multiple caps for Wales. For several years he had become the rugby at sale director. His last coaching position was to coach for Russia and lead them to the world cup of 2011.

Sir Howard Kingsley Wood was an English politician for the Conservative party. Early on he had become a solicitor that specialized in industrial insurance. Being a member of parliament and also the London county council Kingsley had been given his first post as postmaster general. While working in this field he had turned the British post office into a business. Lastly, he had created the pay as you earn program so that the income tax is taken out of an employees current pay check instead of having the tax just to be collected.

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