Meaning and Origin of the Name Lambert

The name Lambert is a male name with German origin. The meaning of Lambert is “Bright Land”. Therefore, it would appear that the name Lambert has a strong and very important meaning.

It is said that anyone with the name Lambert is supposed to possess a deep desire for strong family ties as well as relationships. However, Lambert is not a name will find in a book of popular baby male names.

Lambert is used as a first name and also it is used as a last name. Christopher Lambert is a well known personality with the last name which is Lambert.


The popularity of Lambert has certainly declined over the years. However, it appears that the name never really gained notoriety. It seems Lambert is heard even less frequently especially with all the new and modern male names. According to the 2014 stats from the UK Government Lambert was not in the top 100 baby boys names.

For the most part, most names do have a story or meaning behind them. It is a good thing to know the meaning behind a persons name. Names with special meanings can actually make the person feel somewhat important or superior in some way. As the popularity of Lambert continues to decline, one day the name itself may be simply a distant memory.

Famous People Called Lambert

  • Rickie Lambert, is an English International footballer player
  • Paul Lambert, a Scottish professional footballer player and manager
  • Lambert Daneau, was a French jurist

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