What the Name Lawrence Really Means

The meaning of Lawrence comes from a third century medieval saint whose martyred on a gridiron. In Latin it means: the place of laurel the leaves.

The story goes that Lawerence was burned on the gridiron for not handing over the churches treasures, but instead presenting the sick and poor. The name Lawrence then became popular among Christians that admired his courage.

People with the name Lawrence are generally successful and very opinionated person.

Popularity of the Name Lawrence

Today, the popularity of Lawrence has declined as a first name. The name is commonly used for little boys. However, it is a unisex name and can also be used for girls. Although, the more common girl name associated with the name Lawerence is Lauren.

In England in 2013 this name was not in the top 100 most popular baby boys’ names.

In the U.S. the name stands for a good lover in bed. One that has many sexual talents. It is considered to be a masculine name. It is a popular first name for males and accounts for 64 out of every 1220 names. There are quite a few famous people that also have the name Lawrence as their first name or surname.

Famous Men with the Name

Some famous people with the name include:

  • Lawrence Taylor, Football player (1959-)
  • Lawrence Beesley, Educator, Journalist (1877-1967)
  • Lawrence Klien, Economist (1920-)
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Poet (1919-)
  • Martin Lawerence, Comedian, Actor, Entertainer (1965-)

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