Origins of Lee

Originating in Old English the name Lee is a modification of leah. To translate the meaning of Lee, it would mean “dweller in or by the wood or clearing” or also “shelter from the storm”.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Lee is attributed to Robert E Lee as it peaked as a masculine name in 1900 ranked at 39th place. It saw its first decline throughout the first half of the century, until the 1950’s brought its revival at the rank of 182 when its popularity was used as a feminine name. Its decline continued in American culture through the 20th century only ranking at 666 in 2012.
However, recently it had made yet another rise to be listed in the top 20 most popular boys names in the United Kingdom during the 1970’s but had fallen out of their top 100 at the turn of the melinnia.
It is often touted as a perfect middle for either a boy or girl and is often used in hyphenated names like Kathy-Lee or Lee-Ann.

Famous People with the Name Lee

The most famous person with the name Lee, was the martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. His actual his birth names was Lee Jun-fan.

Famous English men with the name include the comedians Lee Evans and Lee Mack.

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