Origin and Meaning of the Name Leighton

The name Leighton is an English and sometimes Scottish name mainly given to boys.

The meaning of Leighton is leek settlement. The name has origin in referring to leek farms. The name comes from the pre-7th century word “leac”.


The name did not make the top 100 baby names in England, Wales, or the United States in 2014 according government statistics.

How to Pronounce Leighton?

The way to pronounce Leighton is Lay-ton or Lee-ton.

Famous People or Places called Leighton

Leighton Baines - a famous English footballer with the name
Leighton Baines – a famous English footballer with the name

A baby named Leighton will share the same first name as several famous former and current professional English and Welsh footballers including, Leighton Baines who plays for Everton, Leighton James who was a Welsh professional footballer, and another former Welsh footballer called Leighton Phillips.

One of the most famous women with the name Leighton is American singer and actress Leighton Meester.

Leighton is not only a given name but also a place name. Leighton is the name of various places across the United Kingdom, several towns in the US, and a small beach town in the western part of Australia.

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