Meaning of the Name Lennard

The name Lennard is a derivative of the name Leonard. The meaning of Lennard is “brave lion”. This comes from the Germanic word “levon” meaning lion.

The meaning of Lennard has come to also be bravery, as lions are a sign of bravery in many cultures. The name Lennard is used almost exclusively for male children.

Lennard's Word Cloud
Lennard’s Word Cloud


The popularity of Lennard is higher in countries that derive their language from Ancient Germanic. The popularity of Lennard is highest in Poland, while still moderately popular in Germany, England, the United States, and Canada.

Famous People or Places Called Lennard

Famous Lennards include Lennard Pierce, a British actor, and Lennard J. Davis, an American professor and specialist.
Lennard is also a very popular surname in many countries. Famous people with Lennard as their surname include Dave Lennard, an English football player, Henry Lennard, a politician in 16th century England, and Sampson Lennard, a 17th century member of English parliament.

Locations with the name Lennard include Lennard River in Western Australia, and Lennard Island (named after Charles Barrett-Lennard) in British Columbia, Canada.

Variations in the Name

Leonard is a variation of Lennard.

Pet/nicknames for Lennard include, Lenny, Lennie or Len.

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