The Name Lenny And Its Meaning

The name Lenny is a nickname for Leonard, and you will find it used most often to describe the very famous conductor name Leonard Bernstein. He even wrote a piece called Slava for his friend Mstislav Rostropovich, and people now perform the song by saying Lenny at the end where they once would have said Slava.

The meaning of Lenny is hardy or lion bold like the Saint Leonard that we know from antiquity. It is a very powerful name because it carries this meaning into other formats where some people might say that it means brave or courageous. Lenny will be a good way for boys to identify when they are named Leonard, and they will get the same meaning out of the name that they would have fottewn otherwise. It is very easy for people to be sure that they can look up this name and use it.


The popularity of Lenny as nickname has been high for many years because it is a name that a lot of parents use after they name their kids Leonard. Unfortunately the name Lenny was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names in England in 2016 or for the previous 70 years prior.

Famous People Called Lenny

The English Comedian
The English Comedian Lenny Hemry
  • Lenny Bruce – a famous comedian who was famously arrested on indecency charges more than once because of his act.
  • Lenny Henry – a famous English comedian and co-founding the charity Comic Relief.
  • Leonard Kravitz – is an American singer songwriter and record producer.

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