Meaning and Origin of the Name Leroy

The name Leroy is a masculine name that was first used as an English name back in the 19th century. Leroy can sometimes be spelled, Leeroy. Leroy was also used as a surname that went as far back as the middle ages. The first time the name was used as a surname was in Brittany, England. The name Leroy was surname of royal family who was in power at the time. Leroy is also the Bretonname for people who acted king-like at British festivals.

Meaning of Leroy

The meaning of Leroy is French for “the king.”

Popularity of Leroy

The popularity of Leroy had reached its peak during the 1920s. While it is still on the popularity chart, it reached its lowest point in 1998 and remained there ever since.

Famous People Named Leroy

  • Leroy Rosenior is a British football coach who was born in 1964 in Balham, London, England. One of the few black football players, he founded many football clubs such as Fulham and the Queens Park Rangers.
  • Leroy Fer is an international footballer who plays in midfield.
  • Leeroy Thornhill, a keyboardist and rave dancer, was born on October 7, 1969 in Barking, East London, England. he best known for his electronic music.

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