Origin and History of Name Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln the famous American President
Abraham Lincoln the 16th  American President

If you ask people to answer who they thought was the greatest American president the name Lincoln would probably come to mind. Abe Lincoln was known to be a honest man that provides quality and reliability.

The origin of the name comes from the ancient city of Lincoln in the North East of England. The city was founded by the Celtics in the first century. The name Lincoln was also present in the Latin language as early as the 7th century (Lindum Colonia). People think this name come from the Welsh word ‘llyn’ meaning lake and the Latin word colonia meaning colony.

Lincoln eventually became a popular last name for people in the area. When you think about the meaning of Lincoln you think about a well established man.

The Popularity of the Name Lincoln

While President Abraham Lincoln did make it popular that are other factors that add in the popularity of Lincoln becoming a strong name. The popularity of Lincoln has become so much that it has ranked high in states like Utah, and is on the list of Top 200 most commonly used male names.

Famous People with the Name Lincoln

There are many celebrities with the name Lincoln and the name is also used as a lead character male name in movies and television. In 2005 the hit television show Prison Break named their co-leading man Lincoln Burrows. Actress Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard considered the meaning of Lincoln when deciding on what to name their daughter.

On the business end of the spectrum Lincoln Wallen is the Cheif Technology Officer for the software company DreamWorks Animations.

Famous People with the Name Lincoln

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