Meaning and Origin of the Name Linford

The name Linford is unique, and it is of English origin. It means “lime tree ford” or “flax ford”, and it did not appear as one of the 100 most popular boy names in England in 2014.

Linford ChristieIt is a special name that sounds elegant, and it has been given to a famous sprinter from the United Kingdom, Linford Christie. The name has also been shared with Herbert Gwyer, the second bishop of George, as his full name was Herbert Linford Gwyer.

Another famous use of the name Linford is for Great Linford, which is a historic district and civil parish.

Why Choose the Name Linford?

The popularity of Linford is not great, but that just makes it all the more special. The meaning of Linford is unique as well as the spelling and pronunciation, and it is a great name for any parent who wants to choose something a bit different. It is a good name for a young man, when the parents want to give him a classic sounding and unique name.

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