Louie for a Baby Name

There are many famous people with the name Louie, or at least a variation of the name Louie. Many rulers of France were given the name Louis. Many Kings of France ruled with that name.

The word cloud of the name Louie
The word cloud of the name Louie

One of our dearest celebrities, Sandra Bullock adopted a baby boy and named him Louis, but, America knows him has Baby Louie. He became an instant celebrity when Bullock first debuted his picture to America.

Meaning of the Name Louie

The meaning of Louie is an English name that derives from the root name Louis or Louise. It means Famous Warrior. Louie is a name that was given to numerous Saints and 18 French Kings. Who wouldn’t want their name to mean famous warrior, although it is a big name to live up to.


Louie may have once been thought of as a name for the elderly, but recently popularity of Louie has been on the rise. In 2014, Louie was the 67th most popular baby boy’s name in England.

Famous People Called Louie

There are famous artists, athletes, and producers all with the name or a variation of the Louie name. Another reason the name Louie may be on the rise is due to One Directions very own Louie Tomlinson. It also doesn’t hurt that Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge came into the world. This may be why Louie recently hit the top 100’s baby name list for the very first time.

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