Meaning and Origin of the Name Lucas

The meaning of Lucas means a boy from Lucania and the popularity of Lucas is in the top 30 for all boys names in 2016.

The name Lucas itself is going to indicate a little bit more than the boy who was from Lucania, and you want to make sure that you use the meaning of Lucas to help a boy have a better life because you have given him that feeling that his name matters. Many people take it to mean bright or shining, and that makes the name even more fun.


Lucas was the 28th most popular baby boys’ name in England in 2016 (stats from the Office of National Statistics).

Famous People with the Name Lucas

You can go another step if you are naming the boy after something that you think it cool of ruin. Fans of Gilmore Girls will want to name their boy after the gruff Luke, and fans of Star Wars will want to name their boy after Luke Skywalker and of course George Lucas was the creator of the Star Wars films.

There are a few famous footballers called Lucas including, Lucas PĂ©rez and Lucas Leiva both whom have played in the English Premium League for Liverpool and Arsenal respectively.

Matt Lucas is the famous comedian from London famous for his show Little Britain.

The nicknames you get from Lucas are fun to say, and your boy will have a solid name that they can fall in love with when they are living their live now and in the future.

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