Meaning and Origin

The name Luke is actually a given name. It’s very rarely used as a last name (or surname). The name Luke has both Latin and Greek background. The meaning of Luke comes from “Man from Luciana”.

There are many historical notations with the name of Luke, but the bible is the most profound historical key. The Book of Luke was written around 70CE. Luke is also mention in the Book of Acts. It also was spoken by the Apostle Paul.


Luke’s popularity has been gaining speed over the years. In fact it’s quite popular with boys when they are born. So many moms and dads choose the name Luke or something similar. In England and Wales Luke’s popularity has gained serious momentum. In England it’s ranked in the top 45th position for baby boys names (ONS, 2012). In the United States it’s ranked in the top 43.

People Called Luke

Think for a moment about some of the most popular men in the world of entertainment, sports, religion and history. They were all named Luke. There is Luke Bryan the country singer. There is Luke Tan who is a singer and songwriter. There is also Luke Young the English football player and Luke Perry, the popular American actor.

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