Meaning of the Name Luther

The name Luther is an old German name for boys that was originally used as a surname. The popularity of Luther as a name is no longer what it was, but after the religious revolutionary, Martin Luther, it became common to use it as a first name for boys.

The original meaning of the name means people or army, and was then used in English to mean lute player. Finally, in Latin the name took on the meaning of free.


While Luther was a top 100 name for boys at the turn of the century or in the last government survey in England, it is no longer listed as one of the most popular name and continues to fall down the list with each year.

Famous People Called Luther

Martin Luther is perhaps the most popular person to bear the name, and after his religious revolution the meaning of Luther changed a bit. It was then given religious connotations and used by many families to name their sons. The Luther name now holds some honor, having been borne by two very prominent men, both Martin Luther, the protestant, and then Martin Luther King Jr, a prominent civil rights leader. Both men led social and cultural change that changed the lives of millions of people.

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