Malcom is a name to consider when thinking about naming your baby boy

Often times when one goes to try to pick a name for their future child they will search through books and websites where often times there are hundreds of thousands of names present however most people only ever see the top one or two hundred on each site, Often times that leaves many names overlooked including the name Malcom.

Meaning of Malcom

The meaning of Malcom is St. Columbia’s disciple, Malcom is a boy’s name which was usually only ever prominent in English speaking countries such as the US or England. However in the past couple of years Malcom has seemed to become overlooked almost completely.


For the past couple of years the popularity of Malcom has dropped to where it could not make the top two hundred lists in any of the countries it was ever prominent in. although Malcom has fallen uncommon it does not mean that it is not a name that should be considered when thinking about choosing a name for your beautiful baby boy. Malcom itself is a very strong name and though no longer prominent for many parents that can be seen as a plus because that does ensure that your son will have a very unique name that you know not many others his age are going to have. So make sure when searching for a name for your baby boy you look beyond the top two hundred list and search deeper find your own gem in a pile of rocks and maybe for you the gem is Malcom.

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