Meaning of Manfred

The English boy name Manfred (pronounced MAHN-fret) is a modern form of the Old German Manfried. It is derived from magan which means “strength” or “power” and frid which means “peace.” Essentially, the meaning of Manfred is “strong peace”- quite a strong and powerful name for a boy.

Popularity of the Name

Although the name is mighty, Manfred’s popularity has dropped in recent years which has caused it to not place in England’s List of 100 Most Popular Boys Names in 2015.

Famous People with the Name Manfred

The band Manfred Mann
The band Manfred Mann

Among those individuals who have claimed Manfred as their moniker are musician Manfred Mann, the keyboardist famous for the song “Blinded by the Light,” and Manfred von Richthofen, the German World War II fighter pilot who may better be known as the “Red Baron.” In addition, Lord Byron attributed the name to the main character of his famous dramatic poem, Manfred.

Although not currently a popular name, parents who choose Manfred to be their son’s namesake will be placing him in good company.

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