Meaning and Origins of the Name Marlon

If you are looking forward to naming your baby name Marlon, there certain things that you need to know beforehand:

  • First, you need to know that this name is commonly used for boys, although it is a unisex name.
  • Secondly, you’ll need to know how to prounce Marlon. Marlon is pronounced as ‘Maarlaan’ or ‘MaarLon’.
  • The name Marlon is popular in England. The third thing that you need to know is the meaning of Marlon. The name means little hawk. It may also mean little warrior.

Marlon’s popularity

In the year 2015, over two hundred boys in the US were given this name. Also, in this year, less than 5 girls were given this name. The name Marlon gained its popularity in England after actor Marlon Brando rose to fame  (however in 2014 it was not in the top 100 baby boys’ names).  He was in the first line advocating for the rights of Native Americans. Other popular people bearing Marlon include;

  • Marlon Wayans is a very popular actor, very popular for his roles in the TV series the Wayans Bros and Living Color. He also took a role in Little Man and Scary Movie. His filming career began in the year 1988 where he was feature in the film I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.
  • Marlon Dingle is a popular character in the television series Emmerdale, which is set in the Yorkshire dales.

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