Meaning and Origin of the Name Marsh

Marsh is a name the originate from England. The name is most often heard as a surname, but it is a good name that can be used for a first name, too.

The meaning of Marsh is “from the marsh.” It is a simple name that is easy to pronounce, has a simple meaning, and that isn’t too popular. It is a name people will immediately recognise and know the meaning of, and it is a great name for any fan of English football to use.


The name Marsh is an English boy name that is not too popular. It did not make it onto the list of 100 most popular baby names back in 2015, and it did not gain too much popularity since then.

Famous Male People Called Marsh

A celebrity with Marsh as a surname is Phil Marsh, an English footballer. Adam Marsh was a scholar and theologian,whilst  Albert L. Marsh was a famous American metallurgist. So, while the popularity of Marsh as a first name is not all that great, it is still a name that is familiar because it is a surname of a few famous figures.

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