History of the Name Marshall

English names for boys are widespread, but the best ones sometimes require a bit of thought. Many people consider the Marshall name to be a fine one for a potentially successful newborn boy. Although England’s 2013 baby naming statistics show that Marshall was not among the 100 most prominent baby boy names, several people pick this name with pride for their child. The popularity of Marshall is meaningless when one considers the name’s proud history. Its pronunciation is not difficult at all, nor is it exotic to the point of abnormality.

Marshall is associated with several historic figures and professions. The meaning of Marshall can be found when examining its derived Frankish terms for “horse” and “servant”. Most of the time, it is a surname rather than a first name, but that is not always the case.

Famous People Called Marshall

Some of the most famous people bearing this name include Jim Marshall, a legendary businessman who revolutionized guitar amplification, and Marshall McLuhan, the intellectual who became known throughout the world after his prediction of the World Wide Web was fulfilled thirty years later. The name Marshall is rich with culture and legendary people from the past, and its outlook only grows brighter as time goes on.

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