Origin & Popularity of the Name Martin

One of the more popular names in the English language historically is Martin. Martin is a name that allows individuals to use a firm masculine name for their baby boy. Martin has historically been a popular English name but it is not the most popular this year and not in the top 100. It is one of the names that has often been popular however. The Martin name is one of the names that is used at least some of the time. It is one of the options you may need when naming your child. Make sure you are getting the name options you are looking forward to and finding and using Martin may be one of the names you wish to use.

Meaning of the Name

Martin in terms of its literal translation means of the Roman God or warlike.

Famous People Called Martin

Famous people with the name include Martin Luther King, Martin Lewis the financial journalist and Martin Scorcese the actor. The popularity of Martin has waned in the last 100 years. Undoubtedly a major influence on the name was Martin Luther the great German theologian

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