Meaning and Origin of Matthew

The name Matthew is a popular boys name that has been around for centuries and because of its origination and the variant forms that have been used for its spelling the name has not been lost among parents who are looking for a boys name that is strong in both sound and meaning.That is because the name Matthew itself means gift of God which is admired in several languages which explains the adoration of the name through out the centuries.

Popularity of Matthew

The name popularity of Matthew is not only because of the meaning of the word itself but also the fact that one of the first twelve apostles was named Matthew. Not only was this man an apostle but he was the first person to write about Jesus’s life here on earth. Which furthermore explains the popularity of Matthew and how it has lasted so long amongst names that originated in the same era and have been tossed a side by parents that are looking for a baby boy’s name that is strong and influential.

  • Matthew was the 46th most popular baby boy’s name in England in 2012 (Office of National Statistics) .
  • and Matthew was the 12th position in the USA in 2012 (Social Security figures)

Famous People Called Matthew

  • Matthew_Perry – an American actor famous for his role as Chandler in the comedy Friends.
  • Matthew Rhys – a Welsh actor starred in the series ‘Americans’ and the film ‘Very Annie Mary’.
  • Matthew Le Tissier – an international footballer and TV pundit.

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