Max is a popular name for baby boys in England. Learn all the necessary facts about this name. 

Meaning and Origin

The name Max can be a shortened form of one of two names: Maximilian or Maxwell.
Maxwell comes from the Scottish place-name Mackeswell. Maccus obtained land on the Tweed River with a pool on it and named the pool “Maccus’ Wiel.” Wiel meant “pool.” His estate was named Mackeswell, and later it became a surname. The spelling and pronunciation varied until it settled on Maxwell. The word is of Old English origin. Maccus, though he lived in Scotland, got his land from the Saxons. Maximilian is from German, and the German is from Latin. Maximilianus is the Latin form, and that comes from Maximus (meaning “greatest”) and from Aemilianus. Maximus and Aemilianus were two Roman generals’ names, which Friedrich III of Germany combined them for his son’s name.


Max is listed the 22nd most popular name for boys born in England in 2012. The
popularity of Max continues. The reasons are not clear, but perhaps its resemblance to words such as “maximum” is a factor.

Famous People Called Max

Famous people named Max include: Max Boyce, Max Clifford, Max Chilton, and Max Liebermann. Boyce was a famous Welsh singer and rugby fanatic from the coaling areas of Wales. Clifford is a British publicist who is known for working with b rate celebrities and  funneling stories to the British tabloids. He is under charges of sexual assaults and is scheduled for trial in March of 2014. Chilton is a well-known British race car driver. Liebermann was a turn-of-the-20th-century German Jew who painted impressionist style artworks.

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