The Name Melville: Meaning and Origin

The name Melville has roots in France, Scotland, Ireland and England. The name is commonly a first name in England, whereas in Ireland it’s more likely to be a last name. Melville is fairly common as a first or last name in Scotland and Melville is in fact a name of one of the noble family’s of Scotland.

Melville’s meaning has an origin story of being about French people escaping a bad place in France and went on to move to Scotland. The name means: bad settlement.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Melville is not very big. The name is most commonly used in Scotland, England, Ireland and the United States.

Famous People Called Melville

Some famous people with the name Melville includes the likes of Melville Fuller a former Chief Justice in the United States and Melville Rogers who was a Canadian Figure Skater.

A Famous Melville
A Famous Melville

Some famous people with the last name Melville are the explorer and writer George W. Melville and Herman Melville the novelist who is most well known for having written the classic Moby Dick.

Although these are not first name examples of Melville, many people are inspired by the last names of famous people they admire when naming their children.

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