Michael Jackson, Michael Owen, Michael Faraday and Michael Palin are just some of the examples of famous Michael’s that are English. The name Michael is a very popular name but what is the meaning of Michael from the English prospective?

Origin of the Name Michael

The origin of Michael derives from Hebrew, and is a biblical name which means ‘like God’, but the English origin has claimed the name and put a spin on it, shortening the name Michael to: Mike, Mick, Mickey or Mikey.

People with this name have a tendency of being quiet, helpful and sympathetic. They are well-adjusted individuals albeit sometimes shy. Mike or Michael is respectful of others and has the ability to make plenty of friends. Michaels dislike change as they’re neat and organized but can often adapt well to it as they are instinctual and perceptive.


Michael has always been a popular name is still very fashionable, which makes the name ever-lasting and timeless; the Michael name popularity compared to Mike is considerably higher but Mike can be an adaption of the name Michael.
According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2012, the Michael name popularity was positioned the 57th most popular baby boy’s name in England.

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